Recording Fees

Please note: Acadia is participating in the LACCRA Statewide initiative.  Indexing for recordings is now available on a statewide system by simply signing up on the following link: 



1 to 5 page documents


6-25 page documents


26-50 page documents


50+ page documents

$305 for the first 50 pgs.

    $5.00 ea. subsequent page

After 10 names of indexing

$5 per add’l name

*Anything larger than legal paper size will be an additional $20.00 per page.

Affidavit of Identity prior to 7/1/2012


    $6.00 for ea. add’l page

    Plus $3.00 for ea. addl name

Affidavit of Identity after 7/1/2021


Cancellation –real estate mortgage with original note.


Certificate—of Real Estate Mortgage (1 track 11 years) and Lien Certificate with seal, for each name in which search is made, and for one definable property only: 

$20.00 for the first name 

    $10.00 for ea. add’l name

    $1.00 add’l per exception if more than ten   exceptions are contained on a certificate. 

    $20.00 per add’l tract; $10 add’l per name


Conformed Copy


Certified Copy


DocuNet Subscriber Copies, if printed off-site 


Faxed/Emailed Copies

$2.00 per page made by staff

$1.00 if made by the public


$5.00 plus copy fee


$10.00 plus copy fee




$6.00 for the 1st pg.

    $2.00 for ea. add’l

Debtor Fee 

  No SS# or Tax ID #

$25.00 per debtor

License to Record Marriage


Maps/Plats Oversized:

$125.00 includes up to 10 names indexed. 

    $5.00 per name after the 10th name.

Notarizing—acknowledgments of acts executed under private signature, with seal and certificate:


Notary Fee


Notice of Repossession


Recordation—of an Act or Affidavit to cancel or partial release, a single mortgage, lien, or privilege.



$1.00 minimum

*Inclusive of all recordings: Indexing of all names up to 10 and one certified copy.

*Multiple Cancellations or partial release on a single piece of property will be based off of page count. 

*If a document is to be recorded and filed in both mortgage and conveyance, the fees shall be assessed separately in the mortgage and conveyance records. 

*Effective March 1, 2020, an additional $5 as per statute LA R.S. 13:754 has been assessed to conveyance and mortgage recordings to fund the program.

*Please note: If a general mortgage certificate is ordered, all names, exhibits, descriptions, etc. are included. This could escalate the price considerably depending on what is found. If you are ordering a general, you may want to call first and speak with the mortgage department before the work is performed. 

Department Information

500 N. Parkerson Ave.

Crowley, LA 70526

P.O. Box 922

Crowley, LA 70527

(337) 788-8881 (coming soon!)

Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

Hello, I Am Robert T. “Robby” Barousse

Acadia Parish Clerk of Court and Ex-Officio Recorder of mortgages and conveyances.

I am humbled and honored to be your Clerk of Court. My staff and I are committed to bringing to you great customer service backed by integrity and knowledge to help process and deliver the best records and recordation information.

Office Location

500 N. Parkerson Ave.

Crowley, LA 70526

P.O. Box 922

Phone : 788-8881

Email : (coming soon!)

Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

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