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What is the cost of a Criminal and Civil History Search?
You can get criminal and civil records to search for $20.00 each! Civil search – 10 years; unless otherwise requested. Traffic searches goes back to 1991, and Criminal searches go back to 1979; unless otherwise requested.

Accounting: Civil Suits

What do I need to include on my check or money order when mailing in a payment?
Please send payment to P.O. Box 922 Crowley, LA 70527. Include your suit number in the memo section so we know where to place the payment.
What are the ways I can submit a payment?
Payment can me made via check, cash, money order, cashier’s check, or credit card. There is an additional 4% transaction fee when processing by credit card.
Why am I responsible to pay for something I didn’t file?
Court costs are cast according to the Judge’s ruling. If the Court has cast you with any or all of the cost, that becomes the amount you are responsible for.
Why were my court costs sent to the Office of Debt Recovery?
The clerk’s office sends a courtesy notice of 60 days, 30 days, and then a final payment notice. Also, if you have an attorney, the billing is automatically forwarded to them unless our office is noted to do otherwise. Once all notices have been sent out, the final step is to turn the costs owed over to the Office of Debt recovery.
How can I submit payment to the Office of Debt Recovery?
ODR can be reached at 225-219-2188 or 844-330-6176 for more information.
I never knew I had any court costs. Why am I suddenly getting a bill?
A judgment was rendered, and court costs were cast to the parties per Judge’s order.
Can I make payment arrangements?
Our office does not set up payment arrangements. If monthly payments are made towards outstanding court costs, an affidavit for cost will not be put against you. If months go by without payment, the billing process will begin.

Birth Certificates

Where can I get a copy of my birth certificate?
You can obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate by going to the 2nd floor of the Clerk’s Office.
What do I need to be able to get my birth certificate?
You must provide your driver’s license, (not LA Wallet). We can only provide birth certificates to individuals who were born in Louisiana.
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Child Support

Where do I go for court?
Court is held on the third floor of the Acadia Parish Courthouse.
Can I bring someone to court with me?
Only summoned parties are allowed into the court room.
How do I file to decrease my child support?
You may call the Clerk’s office for details on how to file your reduction at 788-8881. Ask for our non-support division.
What do I need to bring to court with me?
All financial information such as: pay stubs, W-2, any childcare costs, receipts…etc.
What happens if I cannot attend Court?
If you cannot attend court, please contact your caseworker with DCFS or Clerk’s office at 337-788-8881 for further instruction.
How soon can I expect court to be finished for the day?
Please prepare for a full day as monthly dockets vary in load.
How can I get another court date?
Contact the District Attorney Non-Support Division’s Call Center at 888-524-3578.
Where do I send my child support payment?
Payment information can be found on the Hearing Officer Recommendation you received in Court. You may contact the Call Center at 888-524-3578 for more information.
Who do I call if my address or employment changes?
You would contact your caseworker with the Department of Children and Family Services at 888-524-3578.
What does the purge on my Writ of Attachment mean?
The purge is the amount the State of LA requires the subject to pay for his/her release from incarceration.


What does the Civil department do?
The Civil Department is responsible for the filing of all civil suits, adoptions, and successions. This includes proper indexing to ensure correct information on any filings as well as maintaining records. They also maintain a record of costs incurred during proceedings in order to make sure funds are used efficiently by following guidelines set forth by law or judge’s orders if applicable.

Conveyance & Mortgage

What documents are required to cancel Minor's Mortgage?
The only way to cancel your minor’s mortgage is with a notarized affidavit from them stating they are an adult. They must also grant the power of attorney so that any action taken on their behalf can be filed in court if needed! If the minor is under 22, they will need to provide a Motion and Order signed by a judge. This order cancels their mortgage in-office paperwork requirements so they can quickly get on with life!
How to get a UCC Certificate?
UCC Certificate requests must be in writing and on a Louisiana-approved UCC-II form, one debtor name per request. A Federal Tax I.D. number should be provided although it is not yet required by the statute. The lack of a Federal Tax I.D. number will impact the results of your UCC Certificate.
Can you tell me who owns the property at a certain street address?

The Mortgage and Conveyance Department can only look up a piece of property by the who owner’s name or the name of who the property was acquired from. The Acadia Parish Assessor’s Office can look up property for you by address. You can contact their office at 337-788-8871.

Where do I pay my property taxes?

Parish taxes are paid at the Acadia Parish Tax Collector’s office. They are located on the 2nd floor in the Acadia Parish Courthouse. City or Town taxes must be paid at the City Hall or Town Hall of the taxing authority.

I want to do a property bond, where do I start?

You would contact the Mortgage department for assistance on obtaining a mortgage certificate.

How do I put land in someone else’s name?
You would contact Notary or Attorney to draw up the proper paperwork. Once completed, it may be filed at the Clerk’s office.
What do I need to obtain a permit?
You may contact the permit office at 337-788-7507 for more information.


Can I get a criminal disposition?
Dispositions may be obtain from our office for $10 for a plain copy or $15 for a certified copy.
How much does it cost to file an expungement?

Criminal fees: $200 to Clerk of Court, $250.00 to Bureau of Criminal ID and Information, $50 to Office of the District Attorney, $50.00 to Acadia Parish Sheriff.  Traffic fees: same as criminal plus additional $50 to the DMV.

Does the clerk’s office provide a form for expungement?

No, we do not have forms available. They may be obtain from either the Lafayette Bar Association or www.laclerksofcourt.org/resources/expungements

How long does it take for an expungement to be complete?
It can take up to six months from the date the State of Louisiana receives the Order for Expungement.
How can I get a criminal transcript?
They are available in our office. The cost per page is $1.00.
Can you I have a criminal search done on someone?
Anyone can come in a use our public terminal. Criminal files are public records (except for records that have been sealed by the Court.
How do I get the total cost of my traffic ticket?
The Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Department will have that information. You may contact the main office at 337-788-8700. The Traffic Department at 337-788-8709 or 337-788-8711.
Where can I pay my ticket?
Tickets are to be paid through the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Department.
Who is my probation officer?

You may contact the following for more information: Felony probation 337-262-5444. Misdemeanor Probation 337-740-0845.

When is my court date?

This information may be obtained by calling our office. We will have this information if charges have been filed by the District Attorney. If charges have not been filed yet, we suggest contacting the bondsman.

How can I get another court date?
If a warrant is outstanding and there is a contempt fine, it must be paid at the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Department by the defendant. Once paid, the defendant will be served with the new court date.


How do I file for custody?
You can get an Attorney to file on your behalf or you can go through the Lafayette Bar Association to file on your own behalf.
How do I file for divorce?
You can get an Attorney to file on your behalf or you can go through the Lafayette Bar Association to file on your own.
What if I want to file for divorce but have not changed back to my maiden name?
Our office can provide the form to for you to Amend to Maiden Name upon filing.


How do you get a marriage license in Louisiana?
To apply for one, all applicants must provide proof of identity and residency. Additionally, there is the requirement that each applicant has their own intact birth certificate as well as social security numbers before they can obtain this document from local authorities.
How do I get a certified copy of my marriage license?
If requested in writing, a certified copy is $8.00 to mail out. If requested in person, a certified copy is $7.00.
Do both parties have to be present to get a marriage license in Louisiana?
Only one party must come, but they will need to bring all the required documents and information needed from their partner when applying.
What do I need to apply for a Marriage License?
Click here for a simplified checklist printout. For more detail, please visit our marriage department page on our website.
Can I get a copy of my marriage license in Acadia if I was married in another parish?
We can only provide a copy of a license that was purchased in Acadia Parish.
Do both parties need to be present to get a marriage license?
Only one party must come, but they will need to bring all the required documents and information needed from their partner when applying.


I want to get a passport. What do I need to bring with me?
You will need an original, sealed birth certificate and your ID/Driver’s License.
What does my minor need to bring to apply for a passport?
Both parents listed on the birth certificate will need to be present as well as the child when coming in to apply. Both parents will need to provide their license and the minor’s original birth certificate.
What is the difference between a passport card and a passport book?
Passport cards are only good for land and sea travel. Passport books are good for any kind of travel.
Will I get my original birth certificate back?
Yes. You’ll receive your passport first and the birth certificate will follow. Please be sure to open every piece of mail carefully until it is returned to you.
Can I get my passport picture taken in office?
Yes! This is a new service our office offers. Passport photos are $10 per person.
What is the turnaround time for the passport process?
Regular processing takes up to 18 weeks. Expedited processing and can take up to 12 weeks. This timeframe may be subject to change.
How long is my passport valid for?
For adults, a passport is valid for 10 years. For children ages 15 years and under, a passport is valid for 5 years.
My passport expired. How long do I have to renew it?
Adults have up to 5 years to renew your passport once it has expired.


Where can I find a succession?
You can find successions on the first floor in our Record Room department.
How does a Research Department help the general public?
The Records Department is responsible for assisting the general public in researching and retrieving records that are kept on file. They also make copies of these files as well as handle every day checking out attorney’s documents.
Can I view records online?
You can view records online with a monthly subscription. Please contact Blane our Chief Deputy at 337-788-8881 to set up an account.

Restraining Orders

How can I get a domestic temporary restraining order?

You may fill out an application at the Clerk’s office. You must be able to provide a physical address for the person you are filing against. Once completed, it will be prepared on a legal document and presented to a Judge for signing.

Do I have to go to court when I file for a restraining order?
Since your restraining order is temporary, it will expire upon hearing date. Once you attend your court hearing, it’ll be determined that the TRO has either been extended, dismissed, or given other relief as ordered.
Do I need an attorney?
You’re welcome to hire an attorney but are not required to.
I’m new at this and don’t quite understand the form. Can the clerk’s office fill out my application for me?
We are not able to complete your application for you but will be available if you have any questions regarding the application process.
Are there translators available? What languages are offered if so?
There are translators available for Court for the Hearing Impaired—American Sign Language. Languages available are Spanish, French, Vietnamese, and Other. Please let the clerk know if will need a translator for your court date.

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